The Virtual College/School Graduation Ceremony of the City University of Hong Kong will be held in 9 sessions from 1 to 4 February 2021. The Ceremony will be broadcasted through Vimeo and Tencent at the scheduled time.
Please click the button of your preferred platform for the session you are attending.
The event start time displayed below is Hong Kong Time (UTC/GMT+8) (Time Zone Converter).

Archived copy of the Virtual Graduation Ceremony is now ready. Please click here to access it.

1 Feb 2021 (Mon)
11:30am College of Business
4:00pm College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
2 Feb 2021 (Tue)
11:30am College of Science
4:00pm School of Creative Media
3 Feb 2021 (Wed)
11:30am School of Law
4:00pm College of Engineering
4 Feb 2021 (Thu)
11:30am Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences
2:30pm School of Data Science
4:30pm School of Energy and Environment
Broadcast platforms: